Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Finally, a few pics from our production of Thoroughly Modern Millie (more to come, I promise!)

*Directly below is my star dressing station - note the cute pic. of me and Julia! Myself with Dom, Jess and Alice, in that order. *Dom is a very talented song and dance guy. *Jess, who plays Pearl Lady, is the new Cyd Charisse. *And Alice has the most amazing house and jacuzzi ever - plus shes talented! *The girl herself, our Millie, a.k.a Kirtsin Riegler, on-stage during the opening number, "Not for the Life Of Me"- second time in the role and blowing everyone away! *No boys allowed! The girls dressing room, properly presented with a winning smile from Emily!*Jimmy and Millie * The Boys! From Left, John Hensley (The Letch), Dom Benevento (The Cop), Tim Dolan (George Gershwin), Jon Lee (Ching Ho) and Ryan Lingle (Rodney) - our fighting force. A great male ensemble we have.

Coming soon - a sneek peek at our first dress rehearsal of 'Speed Test', plus more backstage pics!

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