Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The 3 S's!

So, my babes gone back home now, but we had a lovely little break. Just did absolutely nothing, except sleep, sunbathe, and swim. Oh, and walked for an hour and a half in search of soft serve ice-cream, didn't we Julia? Awesome!
Hope all you guys in the cold aren't too jealous!
Just saw Christian win 'Project: Runway' (of course!), now watching 'My Fair Lady' on TMC - the actor who plays Freddy is meh! 'On The Street Where You Live' is soooooo boring!Actually got out of bed at 8am today and hit the gym at 9am for a Kwando class (Box-ercise!). Many old ladies flirting, very embaressing! Had a great show today; Wednesday matinee, best audience yet I would say!
Right, so 'The Other Boleyn' is beginning to get a little too much - got another third to go yet and all the drama is starting to get bit much. I know Anne gets the throne (hope I didn't ruin the end for anyone!), just hurry up and have a happy ever after!
Okay, better go bed. Love from Florida

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