Thursday, March 13, 2008


So my laptop is dead. Following a drunken night with Chardonnay (the wine, not the local hooker!), Jon Lee's incredible hit recording entitled 'Soul Sensor', and being offered a ride home by a bleach blonde guy in a black pick-up truck ("thats when I realised..."), my laptop decided to freak out on me, presenting me with only a blue screen error. Done my research - theres no hope! Ofcourse my windows xp cd would be all the way back in England wouldnt it! Why would I do such a stupid thing like bring it with me to America on the off-chance that my system needed re-booting? Crazy! Since this lack of computering has occured, I hav found time for more fruitful things in life, such as reading, even more of it! Gone through 3 Steven Berkoff play, 'East', 'West, and 'Greek', Jeff Daniel's beautiful piece 'Apartment 3A' - a must for everone to read, and now half way through 'Glass Menagerie'.

Our director threw us a "cast" party the other night with a few! of his friends - never been in a room with so many Gay Miami Men in my life! Fantastic home on the river view, complete with yauchts, swimming pool and heated jacuzzi, great food (best shrimp ever!), personal bartender (and free bar!), and to top it all off we had a lovely little sing-song around the piano, featuring a personal rendition of 'On The Street Where You Live'! Then we decided that we should make our night even more 'gay', so off we went to the hottest gay club in town, entitled quite appropriately, 'Boom'! I mean, it was karaoke night, so why not... right? Had a real blast, hanging on closely to the bar, and we all took a turn at grabbing the mike. Jon Lee seduced us all with his incredible vocal stylings of 'Open Arms',followed by Jessica Davis's rendition of 'Before He Cheats', and not forgetting my enthusiastic performance of 'Hot Fudge' - I was asking for trouble wasnt I! I'm pretty sure we rolled back into cast housing at around 2.45am, fell asleep for 30 mins, then woke back up to munch on some 'Denny's' egg's and hash browns - I swore I never would again, thats what alcohol does to you!
Woke up that afternoon at 1.30pm, dragged myself into the shower to try and regain some consciousness - defiantely wasnt going to be a beach day! Sat infront of the box, trying to resusitate my Dell, whilst watching a mini-marathon of 'A Haunting'! Hit the gym. Back to normality.

Awesome news yesterday, Julia got cast in an Off-Off-Broadway long running play, 'The Best Party Ever' - YAY! More news to follow.


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