Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Congrats Julia!

Would also like to add that my very talented and very gorgeous better half, Miss Julia Dennis had a very successful audition with Dulcina Eisen Agency in NYC, and they have taken her on as a freelance client! Congrats babe!

Welcome to the wonderful world of 'Blog'!

Okay, first blog ever! Better make it a good one.

Im currently playing the role of Jimmy, the romantic lead, in 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' with Broward Stage Door Theater Co. in Coral Springs, Florida - warm weather, thank God! So I graduated school on Sunday 3rd February, then flew out the very next morning to Florida!

Had opening night last Friday night - went extremely well. A real good fun show to do for the next 6 weeks. The cast are a great bunch of people, no diva's (thank god!) and we are all having a blast. Alongside this show, there is a production of 'Baby' in the theater next door - which is interesting sharing the backstage area with another show, struggling to listen to your own monitor with 'I Want It F***ing All' going on 20 feet away from you! But we are in tap shoes, so I think they got the poor deal!
Cast housing is cool - its a party every Sunday (Mondays and Tuesdays = Beach days!). The producers and the company in general are a real great bunch of people. The choreographer, Chrissi Ardito, is fabulous - really want to work with her again. The director, Dan Kelley, is a great guy, really passionate, and LOVES the theater. And also, as I'm not able to dance in the show, the first rehearsal Dan offered me the role of Dance Captain, which has been a great experience, and I have really had a good look into the other side of the boards; choreography, directing etc. - which I'm now really interested in getting involved in more so.

Feels strange being out of school, but adapting to it well. Feel that a lot of the issues in school are really proving themself out here. Professionalism. If you dont have it, it doesnt matter how talented you are, you wont last. Or at least people wont want to work with you again. I'm lucky to be surrounded by a great group of professionals who act 'professionally'.
I also believe that you get as much out of an experience as what you put in to it. Its another vital lesson that we learn as "artists" - discipline and self motivation.
Raul Esparza, at a talk at AMDA, taught me that to be intelligent in life, is to be intelligent on stage. To be cultured, curious, passionate in life makes your 'world' onstage easier to create (Totally re-iterated by Dan Daily in 3rd Semester Acting!). Because that is our end goal - to re-create life on stage. Read books. Watch movies. Ask questions. And, to me, that makes life more interesting anyway. And what else could anyone wish for in life than to get paid to re-create. Kind of an immortal feeling to it almost (deep I know!).
I have always been a huge fan and follower of the legendary, Frank Sinatra - singing his songs at Weddings, Parties etc. Now, backstage in my (little) spare time, I am reading his complete life story. I can honestly say now I have a better understanding and apprecation for his life and achievements knowing what I now know - and its the same onstage.
I wont take credit for these 'pearls of wisdom', because it is only because of the people I have studied under that I understand and appreciate these things. I once considered myself predominantly a Musical Theater performer, but now I would like to consider myself as an actor. I appreciate all genres of the stage; comedy, Shakespeare, drama, and of course Musical Theater will always have a special place in my heart! But at the end of the day, in the words of a very special teacher, "Musical Theater is truth with a 30 piece Orchestra". No more shm-'act'-yville (Jason Chaet "quote").

New York to some people can be a bit much. You have to run with the pack. As one of my lyrics in the show goes, I believe New York is a metropolis of people "on their marks, racing fast"! I love the buzz and excitement of the city. However, you do need a break every now and then - Im loving the sun of Florida at the mo!
Having the time of my life at the moment, and I would advise anyone who is passionate about something to pursue it, no matter what it is. I'm sure that makes life more interesting if you have a dream, a goal, something to wake up and get up and go for. True, fortune and fame will not always follow, and thats not what Im interested in anymore. Anyone who enters this business for fame and fortune is crazy. You're crazy if you enter this business anyway! Respect. Good work. Fun. These are the benefits I want to reap from my adventures. I'm living the dream at the moment, and having the time of my life - and the cool thing is; its only just beginning!

Okay, thats enough blog for now, must save more deep thoughts for another time.
Until I'm able to hook up my upload my own pics on the slooooooooooooooow internet connection we have here, check out Tim Dolan's (Ultimate Speed-Tapper and fellow cast member!) blog at

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